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Dana Kelson

Dana Beth - Girls of Open Mic - Openmic.US NetworkI am an 18 year old singer, songwriter, and model from Atlanta. I like to bring my jazzy, vocal style to current music.  This is such a great combo because I love the sound and feel of jazz music, but I also enjoy contemporary and pop tunes.

One time when I was singing at a coffee shop, a woman told me she was having trouble writing something for work, but when I started singing, she relaxed, and the words just flew out of her onto the page!  Honestly, that is one of the best compliments I could ever receive.  Every time I get up to sing, I try to bring some warmth into people's lives and help them forget about their troubles for at least a couple minutes. 

I have also been working as a print and runway model for the past several years. I've always loved to perform so I see modeling as an extension of that.  During high school, I also trained and competed in ballroom/latin dancing.

I actually started out doing musical theater in middle school.  When I switched to a different vocal coach, she heard something in my voice that led her to suggest some jazz songs, ultimately leading me to the pop/jazz style that I sing now.

It was like discovering a whole different love for singing when I found a vocal style that I never knew I had! I am so thankful that I discovered my true voice which led me down my current path.I am thrilled with the positive reaction I have received from people about my style! I love connecting with people through music.

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