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Madison Shea

Madison Shea - Girls of OpenMic.USI’m the type of girl who likes to run around barefoot and dance in the rain. I live and breathe music and it plays a big role in my life. My songs are my sense of freedom. I can write about anything and no one can change it. They allow me to let go of things that are really bugging me.

I play the piano and guitar. I’ve been singing since I could talk, but it wasn’t until I was 11 that I started to write songs. My inspiration for writing music was a result of a poetry project my English teacher assigned. I realized that poetry came naturally to me. Whenever I am frustrated, sad, or excited about school, friends, or boys, I let out my emotions into a song. Sometimes I write the lyrics first and then I play around on the piano or my guitar to add the melody. Other times, I’m playing the piano or guitar and a song flows out based on what I’m feeling.
I love a lot of different types of music but my favorite is pop/country. When I am angry or upset, I like listening to slow sad songs that help me think through everything. When I’m excited or happy I enjoy listening to fast or sweet slow songs that encourage my mood. There’s a song for almost every occasion - from being in love to experiencing a heart-break. I like a lot of the good ol’ classics like “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey (we all know that one), “What About Love” by Heart, and “The Night Owls” by Little River Band.
My friends are really important to me, and I spend a lot of time hanging out with them. I love reading certain types of books, like fantasy and romance. Some of my favorites are the Twilight saga (I’ve only heard of 1 person that didn’t like them) and Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I have also always been obsessed with fairy tales. I love to watch movies, swim, go shopping, read (certain books ha-ha), text (who doesn’t?), write stories and songs, and of course – Sing! 

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